Children's Day-Mangnetic flexible Whiteboard for Doodle Game

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Children's Day - Mangnetic flexible Whiteboard for Doodle Game

Children are the future and hope of the nation. To give every child a good social, family and learning environment for their healthy and happy growth has been the goal of the world efforts. The annual "International Children's Day (June 1) " is the specifically established festival in order to create such an atmosphere for children. 
In China, the children alsocelebrate their own festival on June 1 each year. They will receive a gift from parents and the school will also hold a number of recreational activities or small parties. 
As the company which is committed to become China's first brand of magnetic office & school supplies, we spent a month planning and preparing for the first session of "Colorful Childhood" children's graffiti game. On the day, we have a good layout of the worksite and all the graffiti props. At ten o'clock we ushered in the first group of kids to enter for this competition. Since the entire activities and all the props like magnetic soft white board, eco-friendly whiteboard pen, magnetic bags, magnetic ornaments is not only free of charge, but also the top three that concluded by online voting can get bonuses and prizes, more and more children are involved in it. Many parents were also very interested in and consulting other characteristics of our products at the end of the game. 
There were 102 kids participated in graffiti. They can create by themselves, also can be done with the help of parents. With our specially prepared magnetic trinkets, kids are playing happily and continuous passion made our activity lasted for a whole day.  Although this is the first time we held such activity, but it can be said a kind of success. The event is not only to make our products get more recognition and praise, but also inspired us to do better and better in the development of magnetic stationery work.
Take a look at the children's work, online voting is hot! . . .

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