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    On March 11, Guangdong Highe Technical Collegecombined with Baoan Enterprise Chamber held a very innovative school-enterprise cooperation meeting. U&U attended and reached cooperation with them.
    Guangdong High Technical School is subordinate unit of Guangdong Human Resources and Social Security Department, also a national key technical college, which is fastest-growing, largest-scale, and most powerful  comprehensive vocational education and training base in Guangdong Vocational Education.
    The transition from school to work for students is a big step. How to make students more smoothly to get their working posts has been a concerned problem in Guangdong Technician College. The conference organizers asked the students to set up a temporary e-commerce team to show their skills. Students not only learn to use knowledge to help the businesses of Enterprise Chamber, but also get an opportunity to exercise themselves and gain experience.
    After all business representatives arrived, they take turns on stage to show their work and introduce companies. Then enterprises and student teams plan and schedule their cooperation according to the result of two-way choice.
    U&U representative Mike introduced our soft magnetic creative office & school supplies, such as magnetic and ferrous multifunctional whiteboard, dust-free, eco-friendly and reuesable marker pens and liquid chalk, magnetic photo frame and other special designs for photo wall, company culture advertising, bulletin board, countdown board and kids drawing boards and so on wich attracted the attention and keen interest of teachers and leaders.
    After discussion and selection, we finally reached cooperation with one of the e-commerce team and make a plan for the next three months. We believe that this partnership will bring win-win to enterprises and schools, as well as students.

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