Go hiking- Meeting the most beautiful coastline in Shenzhen

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    June's hot like an oven in Shenzhen. However, we have decided to set foot on coast journey.
    This is a untapped route which full of reefs and steep slopes and no flat road along the way. But it is referred to as the most beautiful coastline because of its beautiful scenery - green hills, golden beaches, as well as the wide sea and spectacular reefs. Thus, many people go hiking there unflinchingly and enjoy the scenery while trekking through.
    Walking in the burning sunshine and sweltering heat makes us wearisome, dizzy and chest distress. Despite the skin was tanned and we wanted to give up almost, we encouraged and helped each other and finally reached the beautiful beach after finished six- or seven-hour and fifteen-kilometers journey.

    This activities for each individual is a meaningful and god-given experience. When we sitting in the room and looking out burning sun the next day, it is not so terrible. We would realize that something seems impossible maybe not so hard as long as we hold on for a bit longer. Most importantly, none of us gave up and that is the team's strength - work together and encourage each other so that we can go further!

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