Lucky Draw Party

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Lucky Draw Party
In order to convey positive energy, motivate the employees those who make outstanding performance and positive contribution, our company 
carry out integral&gift coupon that everyone can participate in the bimonthly lucky draw party or exchange for a reward.

This week, we ushered in the second Lucky Draw Party. In front of those beautiful and practical prizes, we are very excited, cheerful and 
looking forward to get awards. More importantly, my colleagues prepared  some brilliant show like singing, dancing and comedies.

Beautiful singing from several colleagues got everyone's applause, cute and dynamic dancing also attracted all eyes on the party, the 
elaborately adapted comedy made all of us convulsed with laughter.

We can gain bonuses, prizes in every lucky draw party and more important to get the joy, recognition and greater power. I believe that 
in such an atmosphere, we will become better and better day by day!

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