2018 company trip!

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Our company spent a very pleasant weekend in Zhuhai. Share to you below~
The first stop is the beautiful Zhongshan City.
The name “Zhongshan” comes from the memory of Mr. Sun Yat-sen. It has a long history and culture. There are numerous scenic spots and historic sites, and the air is fresh. Among them, Sun Yat-sen's hometown tourist area is the most representative historical and cultural scenic spot in Zhongshan City, including the former residence of Sun Yat-sen and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The five core scenic spots, such as the Tsui Heng Folk Resident Display Area and Zhongshan Movie and Television City, are worth taking a look at!

Second stop, Zhuhai Ocean Springs Ocean Resort
The little buddies are very happy to play here, excited to fetch water and play
Share a hot spring knowledge: Hot springs are suitable for soaking from the low temperature zone to the high temperature zone. Do not soak for more than 15 minutes at a time and add water in a timely manner. If there is a rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath during the soaking process, take a break in time and wait for the body to ease and continue soaking.

In the third station, the first happy meeting in 2018 was held on the seashore.

Our 5 teams show their culture of each team, has singing, dancing, playing skit.ect
In addition, a special beach birthday party was held for the 22 April birthday buddies. The chairman, Mr. Xiang Guangfei personally gave birthday gifts and special blessings to you. U&U Magnetic Technology Co.,Ltd has 100 employees and did not leave a piece of paper scrap and rubbish on the beach for up to 3 hours of activity. In practical terms, it did not take away any of the photos, leaving nothing but footprints. Praise for you ~~

Happy day, happy trip, happy ending! So tired~~~

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