The 4th Children's Graffiti Competition in Shenzhen

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On June 2nd, 2018, the 4th Children's Graffiti Competition with the theme of “Fun and Shenzhen Impression” was successfully ended. It was held by Shenzhen Book City• Baoan City and Shenzhen U&U Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd.After more than 50 days’ audition and the competition of 1337 audition contestent,201 children took part in the finals,drawing their impressions of Shenzhen in their mind.This is a large-scale and professional creative competition in Shenzhen. The launch of the event is a significant social public welfare activity aimed at opening up the imagination and creativity of children in Shenzhen and for the purpose of promoting social family harmony.The other purpose of this activity is to promote our magnetic products,such as magnetic soft whiteboard ,fridge sticker,message board ,magnetic photo frames and so on.

Children's Graffiti Competition is a classic brand acticity of Shenzhen Book City• Baoan City and Shenzhen U&U Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd,which continously hold for 4 years. The reporter interviewed a parent who attended the event for the first time. She said that the child usually likes to paint, and painting on a soft  whiteboard  can be erased repeatedly,making  the child feeling new and fun. In fact, the game is not important, participation is the most important thing.

Compared with the previous three graffiti competitions,the difference is that the match of this year adopts the model of the locale competition. Under the joint efforts of the organizers Shenzhen Book City• Baoan City, Shenzhen U&U Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. and multi- agencies, the fourth children's graffiti contest successfully ended  at 18 o'clock on the day.

Although it is a  graffiti competition with the magnetic soft whiteboard, the more important is to let the children giving  full imagination and creativity , the inner world of the child can be expressed through the brush and the color and also  the bridge between the parents and children in their  hearts. We also hope to protect children's talents and innocence through the characteristics of improvisational painting. We believe that such  activities can promote harmonious parent-child relationships and make more families happy.

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