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On August 5th, Shenzhen Youyou Education Co., Ltd. and Australia Media Group jointly held the summer science popularization activities of “Secret Science, Happy You and Me!”, which attracted more than 20 families and 20 children.

At 9:00 am, at the Xinqiao Central Road Shenzhen Book City·Baoan Chengdong Square, more than 20 families came on time, we set off in the planned time.

At 10:30,we arrived at the the Australia Media Group,located in Pinghu.We have watched the advertising video of Australian Asia vision media group and visited the national culture museum, the private museum where Mr. Cao collected precious historical relics. In order to welcome the small audience of U&U,Mr. Cao  led the children to visit his rich collection. From the ceramics culture to the traditional Chinese painting art,and to all kinds of artworks, as well as the wine culture with thousands of years of history and tradition in China, a happy time is spent in such wonderful explanation.In the last parent-child time, through the teacher's instruction, the children and their parents work together, hand painted folding fans and hand-sewn sachets.This is also the most interesting time of the day for children. Through the day's study, this is also the time to verify the results of the day's science study.

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