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    Decorative painting is an art of silk painting originated in the Warring States period, it does not emphasize the high artistic quality, but very particular about harmony with environment and beautifying effect. It generally divided into figurative theme, imagery theme, flowers theme, portraits theme and abstract theme and and so on.
    Art comes from life, with the development of the times, the manifestation of decorative painting has undergone many changes and emerged different environments. Living room tends to highlight the master tastes with relatively elegant, beautiful and decent style; bedroom focus on warm and sweet feeling; office specially needs sunshine, and positive spirit. 
    In modern life, due to people in the pursuit of individuality and ego, hand painting and frameless painting in the office are more and more popular. However, they can not fully meet the requirements of individualized customization. What's exciting is that decorative paintings can now be customized. The image through art processing is not only can reveal distinct personality, but also we can make a to-do list to help us arrange work orderly.
    Some domestic companies customized this unique gift for all employees, it will help them  to start work with a positive attitude every day. Just provide us photo and motto, you will have a private custom to-do list. 

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